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Golf Specific Functional Assessment

Over 10 years of research, compiled by the Titleist Performance Institute Staff, on the game's top PGA Tour players has lead to a systematic evaluation of proper golf specific biomechanics. The TPI Golf Specific Functional Movement Assessment is an evaluation designed to expose biomechanical and physical limitations that may be affecting your golf game. Dr. Hummel is a TPI - Medical Professional, trained by TPI to evaluate these limitations and assist you in creating a thorough plan of attack, via a customized golf specific workout, accessible through the myTPI.com website**.


This is the same screen used at the Titleist Perfomance Institute in California to test the best players in the World! You will be given a TPI profile to access the TPI website once you have been evaluated at BlueChip Spine!


The TPI package includes:

  • Golf Specific Functional Movement Assessment

  • Free membership to myTPI.com**

  • TPI Customized Workout Plan

  • TPI Workout Calendar

**myTPI.com is the largest free information website on golf-specific fitness, golf health, and golf swing biomechanics. Your free subscription to myTPI.com includes an expansive article library, video tips from the pros, equipment reviews, hundreds of printable video exercise examples, and much more!